Temple of knowledge for all who would like to learn about financial markets, decentralized finance, blockchain, global economy and finance. The academy is built to provide quality courses to users. The academy will feature WuuTrade’s developed courses and Courses provided by the most influential and skilled experts.

Wuu Academy is designed to simplify user’s search for quality educational content. Each course is assessed and tested by the Wuu team before publishing. We do our best to avoid duplication of topics, yet try to get unique iterations.

Each course will have a difficulty level and a user won’t be able to start the higher difficulty level until the user completes the previous level courses and successfully passes the test. After completion of each course, users get knowledge and special perks from WuuTrade. The logic behind this is to motivate users to learn and acquire knowledge step-by-step based on the current level.

The Academy provides hints to users by labeling the most popular courses, WuuTrade recommendations, and the most relevant to the user based on his level and course completions.

The Academy features a leaderboard of the most active learners.