$WUUT Burn

Total supply - 8,500,000,000
Total maximum supply - 80,000,000
Burn process; In 3 months, it will be up to 1,445,000,000 units, which is 17%, $WUUT. This process will be done 1 time in 2 weeks and will be repeated a total of 6 times. In the following days, the burning process will continue regularly every day until 80,000,000 Etigg remains. Every day, $WUUT tokens worth 1000 times the total number of $WUUT spent will be burned. Regular burns will take place every day and all investors will be able to see the amount to be burned during the day on the web page. When the total burn is completed, it is calculated that the effect of Burn on the price will be 10514%.

In-game token burning mechanism

We will be burning 1000 times the amount of tokens used in tournaments and daily matches every day. Every month we will burn the 2 times the amount of tokens burnt during this month. Users will be able to track the data on tokens burnt in real time. The burn will proceed until the total number of circulation tokens reach 80,000,000.
- Investors earn on the rising value of tokens due to the burn.
- No inflation. Composing deflation.
- The fact of burning tokens up until 80,000,000 total circulating supply supports a great long-term investment opportunity.
- Burn amounts and process is traceable and open to all users.
- Burn operations is completed via our Market Makets team to support a solid foundation for the price action of the token.
- A user who stakes tokens earn an interest from stakee amount and on top of that earns more due to the burn incentives.
The total circulating supply eventually will reach 80,000,000