The Problem

Investment and financial markets trading is a risky and highly rewarding activity, which empathizes many. Being a highly rewarding activity, financial trading and investing requires knowledge, development of certain skills, discipline and proficiency in analyzing the market. Majority of traders execute trades without proper knowledge and education, which result in a permanent loss of their funds and confidence in this field.

Moreover, such temptation increases fraud in this world of opportunities. Swindlers get cunning artful and offer reasonless, valueless services, while in fact bearing no education, skills and proven track record behind. However, these entities offer paid education, fund and wealth management, and paid advisory services, where there is no proper way to track the competence of these entities.

Exchanges and brokerage firms spend millions in marketing, when the average life-cycle of a new trader is 1 month. Back in early 2016 the main focus of crypto exchanges were how to get clients, and nowadays the challenge is how to retain clients. Low quality and unskilled traders and investors is also a substantial issue for an exchange. The low quality education and production lands crypto exchanges to spend funds on getting traffic rather than actual users.

Behavioral finance influences assessment and decision making of many novice traders. Even mature traders give-up and start performing doubtful analyses based on their emotional state. The desire to earn more or cover the previous loss leads to revenge trading and bad investment decisions.

Sponsorship of sports teams and e-sports teams has been evolving the past 3 years, making crypto the major sponsorship revenue income of Football clubs, F1 teams. While we are glad to know that our favorite team has teamed up with our favorite exchange, we have to admit the fact that millions are spent on customer acquisition, while the problem of customer retention hasn’t been resolved.

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