The Solution

WuuTrade prepares traders to act in a real-world financial markets trading via trading simulation. Mastering the theory is only one third of the trader's success, the trader has to quickly react to price changes while maintaining the tranquility. WuuTrade’s simulation builds endurance and trader’s resistance to psychological impacts during rapid price changes. Users strengthen their skills by competing against AI or fellow traders all over the World.

WuuTrade user profiles display performance, level and achievements of each user, whether it’s an in-app performance or real trading performance. Users will have a verified account badge upon verification, bind their social media, chat in chat groups, send direct messages and create closed tournaments and matches.

WuuTrade Academy is the only source for quality non-marketed Web3, financial markets, trading and investment courses. The Academy will have only approved courses by experts and financial institutions. Each learner will complete a short quiz to receive a completion badge.

WuuTrade team has also been thoughtful regards to the trending technologies and their advantages in the system we build. Artificial intelligence and metaverse remain as important components of the platform. WuuTrade already has AI integrated into the platform and available for all WuuTrade users. WuuTrade users can develop self-discipline, strategy based assessment and self-control when competing against the AI. Competing against the AI is nothing like competing against a human when a user becomes emotional and makes an inadequate decision. PvAI on WuuTrade will help users to watch and analyze the cold-minded, strategy-based decisions made by the machine and learn from it.

Exchanges sponsor tournaments and matches and provide rewards to participants and winners. Exchanges get higher quality traders and more active and engaged traders via the order routing system, which also positively impacts the overall cryptocurrency trading volume globally. The order routing system will complete the challenge of a risk of fraud in sending funds to third parties.

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