Tournaments are community challenges where thousands of users all over the globe compete with each other to get the highest prize and title. Tournaments have several stages, whereas winners of each stage will proceed to the next stage, think of it as the UEFA Champions League. WuuTrade will hold several tournaments per month, offering various prizes, bonuses, perks and badges to users.
All tournaments will have minimum entry requirements to have a fair competition. Each tournament will have a reward which will be distributed among winners. Tournaments start at 9:00 GMT+2 and end in 24 hours. A user can participate in several tournaments, if all the tournament requirements are met.
The WuuTrade web-app will feature $WUUT tournaments, whereas the WuuTrade mobile app will feature WUUC tournaments only.
Each tournament features a leaderboard with earnings of each participant. Team tournaments feature a leaderboard of teams participating in the tournament. To matches.
A user can participate in as many active Tournaments. Each tournament, however, has a separate reward and scoring, the number of Gems of tournaments are not combined as one. Each tournament follows the same Finalist and Winner identification algorithm - top 10% are Finalists and the top 15% of the Finalists based on the quantity of Gems they hold are the Winners.