$WUUT Utility

$WUUT token utility

Total supply - 8,500,000,000Total
Total maximum supply - 80,000,000
Token price: $0.033Ticker - $WUUTStandard - ERC20
Token Utility
$WUUT is WuuTrade platform’s native token initially released on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 Standard token. WUUT is WuuTrade’s utility token used for in-app purchases, transaction fees, voting, staking and cross-platform interactions within the WuuWorlds ecosystem. Staking rewards, referral rewards, bonuses and other perks are distributed to all users as WUUT.All platform interactions, in-app rewards, Wuu-C purchases, boost purchases, subscription and level-up purchases are done with the WUUT. WUUT will play a key role in community development, platform’s further development and voting incentives. Being the only operating currency in the WuuTrade ecosystem, WUUT conventionally guarantees constant circulation and supply.