WuuTrade is part of the WuuWorlds ecosystem which in later stages include other financial products and features including a metaverse.
Whilst the WuuTrade will have all the necessary applied profile data, WuuWorlds will have a gathering of traders inside the metaverse where they meet and chat and do activities.
WuuTrade will feature two types of tokens, WUUT which is a native ERC20 token for the web platform and WUUC which is an in-game paper-token of the WuuTrade mobile app. All users besides their achievement badges will have a ranking (level) badge.
WuuTrade mechanism and structure is as follows:

Play to earn

The foundation of the WuuTrade is to educate traders and develop their decision making skills in a fastly moving market, fight stress, and develop tranquility. Although losing is demotivating and painful, we encourage users to never give up by providing earning capacities and special bonuses.
Each tournament and match has a preset winners fee and additional bonuses, which makes the ecosystem fair.


Each user will have an open profile, where any other user will be able to view the info about this user.
Profile displays users win rate, ranking, achievements, teams, most traded assets etc. Each profile will have a dashboard to track performance, statistics, friends list, followers list, tournament and match invitations, energy count and energy refill time.
The later version of WuuTrade will have an advanced profile overview which includes real trading win rate, most traded assets, asset management module.


The name says it all, however let us put more colors into this term in WuuTrade’s ecosystem. Teams have a joint score based on the overall performance of each member. Teams get bonuses and perks from WuuTrade based on their performance. Each team member can request 1 free energy refill per day from the Team’s leader. Teams also attend Team vs Team matches, Team tournaments and users can create rooms and invite users from other Teams to stake out the best.
The only minimum requirement to create a team is Level 5 and “n” WUUC in mobile app and WUUT in the web app. Users can create a public team, where any user can send a request to join or private invitation-only teams. Each team will have a maximum of 10 members, so choose your teammate wisely.
Team statistics and leaderboard will be visible on the website and the platform. Team leaders will be authorized to change the team’s name, logo, description and add and remove members.

Chat Room

WuuTrade is also a social platform where users have access to public open chat rooms and can create private rooms to chat and share their thoughts and insights. Just to clarify, users will have direct messaging functionality as well, no worries about that for sure.
Discuss your trending topic, FED decision rate, Bitcoin halving, trading strategies, share your thoughts on WuuTrade, WuuAcademy with friends while strengthening your knowledge and skills.
Create a private chat room to discuss your Team strategy, to remove the noise of the crowd and just to stay in touch with your close friends.