Any user can create a PvP match or attend a PvP match. PvP matches are 1-1 competitions, where two users compete and get rewarded. Both public and private PvP matches will have their own requirements.
User spends 1 energy for playing against another user. The winner receives a free energy refill, 1 free energy tank and free boosts.

Player versus Artificial Intelligence

Improve your skills when competing against AI. A user can compete against AI while identifying the match's settings. Users who create private rooms can also add the desired amount of AI players, to increase the excitement and challenge.
WuuTrade features artificial intelligence which runs on prebuilt strategies. AI improves strategies after each match, hence predicting its next moves is very hard to impossible.
WuuTrade AI challenges a user to learn more, act smarter and quicker while maintaining self-discipline. Artificial Intelligence, on other hand, will learn and upgrade its strategies to be able to outstand its human counterpart.
User spends 1 energy for playing against an AI. If the user wins, the user will receive a free energy refill.