Public and Private rooms

Public Rooms

Public rooms are open matches, where anyone can attend, compete with fellow WuuTrade users. Public rooms feature attendance requirements and usually have 10 participants per match. A public room match durations are 3-5-10 minutes, featuring a delayed data chart, and limited boost use. The room is closed after an expiry of the match duration. The winner is identified and rewarded shortly after the match ends. Public room wins will be displayed in the user's dashboard.
WuuTrade will have a predefined default public rooms and user created public rooms. Users will have a filter to select the match room they would like to compete in.
A user spends 1 energy for creating a room, each participant also spends an energy when playing in the Private Room. The total number of winners in each Private Room shall not exceed the 50% of the total attendees. If the creator is amongst the winners table, he receives a free energy refill.

Private Rooms

Users can create their own invitation-only rooms to compete with each other or with the AI. Only users of level 5 and above can create a Closed Club room, all levels can attend. Private room creator will manually identify the playing token, the entry requirements (minimum entry amount, rank, etc.), duration, trading pair. Private room creator will also have an option to have his own royalty. Private room wins will be displayed in the user’s dashboard.
Private rooms are unlike Public rooms hidden from the public and are by invitation only.