Prize Distribution


WuuDrop is WuuTrade's rewards mechanism. WuuDrop is distributed in a Live Match and a Tournament, contains a WuuNFT.

Winners and the WuuDrop distribution in tournaments is as follows:

Participants run matches and get scores, 10% of the highest score holders among participants are the Finalists. Finalists receive Gems which later identify the Winners. Winners are identified among the top 15% of the Finalists based on the quantity of Gems they hold.

See example below:

In this example we have a group of participants, who are attending various WuuTrade Tournaments, when the tournament durations end, the total results of Gems collected are counted and the reward is distributed accordingly. Tournaments have several Matches which have their own requirements based on WUUT passes and reward points, a Tournament could have a 100 WUUT pass and 1 Gem as a reward, 300 WUUT pass with 3 Gems as a reward, 500 WUUT pass with 5 Gems as reward, and so on.

WuuTrade users participate in various Tournaments.5 Gems as reward, and so on.

During each Match a user receives a starter balance, usually $10,000. The goal is to make the best ROI out of the starter balance.

The Tournament Match ends and the WuuTrade identifies Finalists of the Match, who are the Top 10% with the highest score among all Participants. Finalists receive Gems as rewards based on the Match’s reward.

The Tournament ends and the system has the Finalists identified, it will now identify the Winners. The Winners are the top 15% of the highest Gem holders among the Finalists of the Tournament. In our case, it is these two guys who hold 4 Gems each.

Winners are also categorized into 3 levels based on the total number of Gems they hold upon the competition of a tournament. The first third of the Winners receive the highest reward - Super Rare WuuNFTs, the second third receive the high reward - Rare WuuNFTs, the third third receive a regular reward - Regular WuuNFTs.

Winners and the WuuDrop distribution in Live Matches is as follows:

Participants attend in Live Matches and get scores, 10% of the highest score holders among participants are the Winners. The Winners receive special Live Match WuuDrops with special Live Match WuuNFTs.


WuuTrade version 1 we will have off-chain NFT-like cards which a user can in early burn to get the card’s reward, we call these cards WuuNFTs. WuuNFTs are minted in the platform. WuuTrade will also feature an off-chain marketplace where users will be able to buy/sell WuuNFTs. WuuNFT shards are gained only as WuuDrops in Tournaments and Live matches.

To receive the reward aligned to the WuuNFT, a user has to burn this WuuNFT.

The burn is done within the platform, there is no need for the use of other services.

Alternatively, a user can use the platform's Bench and Craft a unique WuuNFT with a higher reward. Each crafting WuuNFT has its own recipe and the reward hidden in its metadata. For example: Bench has a crafting WuuNFT with a recipe of 1 Tournament WuuNFT + 2 Live Match WuuNFT + 1 energy.

The later version will include: WuuTrade on-chain NFT minting and an NFT marketplace, where users can buy/sell WuuNFTs or burn them to receive the NFTs rewards. Each NFT will have the reward bound to it as a metadata, hence all rewards received from this NFT to a wallet/user will be recorded in the blockchain. Since WuuNFTs are on chain, they can be transferred or sold in various marketplaces.

The price of each NFT when minted will be based on various data and is identified automatically by the system, the data includes the rarity of the WuuNFT, the reward, the number of similar NFTs minted and other data.

On-chain WuuNFT will also feature a Bench, where a user can craft a higher rank WuuNFT by combining several WuuNFTs and other items in the recipe. All WuuNFTs used in the crafting will be burned.

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